Thursday, September 5, 2013


Katy Perry's backup dancer.  Damn.

Sexy belly.


Lots of yummy fur.


Ginger god.


Just gorgeous.

Hot nerd.


I want arms like that.

My ex Will will love this pic.  Total hairy forearm fetish.


Beefy bull.

So damn hot.

Amazing chest.



Pretty damn near perfect.

Great smile and chest.

Holy fuckballs.

I will take 4 of him, thank you.

Grrrrrrrr and purrrrrrrr.


Sexy grin.

Yes, please.

Though this might sound strange coming from me, I really like John Legend's music.

Huge pet peeve: people who cannot follow simple directions.

The use of hash tags has become completely out of control and irksome.

After all this rain, Atlanta needs a do-over for summer.

I love this.

I enjoyed my time in college, but I graduated and moved on. Life goes on people, stop living in the past.

Regardless of its health benefits, green tea is foul tasting.

A suntan should be earned, not bought.

"Everything good dies here, even the stars."

It works.

I'm very good at pretending to be good at something I am not good at.

Stop trying to fix your relationship with distractions.

If a movie is released in theaters during February, it is going to be a clunker.

Gregory Peck had some awesome hair.

Love this poster.

Once again in work limbo.

Is it really that difficult to respond to a hello?

While I am sure it would be an interesting experience, I really have no interest in doing Burning Man.

Sometimes it is way too early in the morning to see your up close selfie pics on Facebook.

Tequila is not my friend.

Your cute for the day.

Lyrics Rattling Around My Brain

"Faster, faster, you won't go far
Shouldn't leave, feeling faint, we both know why
You got to show me, both knees, cold I lie
Hold me, slowly, hide me, til I can fight

Always, we can sing, we can make time
Old songs, flood and flame, you could be mine
But you got to show me, both knees, skin and bone
Clothe me, throw me, move me

Til I can sell you lies
You can't get enough
Make a true believer of
Anyone, anyone, anyone

I can call you up
If I feel alone
I can feed your dirty mind
Like I know, like I know what you want

Icon of symmetry, swallowing sides
Fall down in front of me, follow my eyes
But I got to see you moving, waste no time
Teach me, make me holy

Til I can sell you lies
You can't get enough
Make a true believer of
Anyone, anyone, anyone

I can call you up
If I feel alone
I can feed your dirty mind
Like I know, like I know what you want."


"A little more
Every day
Falls apart and
Slips away
I don't mind
I'm okay
Nothing ever
Stays the same, well
While we can
Remember when
Always running
Even then
Stay with me
Hold me near
While I'm still here."

Nine Inch Nails
"While I'm Still Here"

"My body is your party, baby
Nobody's invited but you baby
I can do it slow now, tell me what you want
Baby put your phone down, you should turn it off
Cause tonight is going down, tell your boys is going down
We in the zone now, don't stop

You can keep your hands on me, touch me right there, rock my body
I can't keep my hands off you, your body is my party
I'm doing this little dance for you
You got me so excited
Now it's just me on you
Your body's my party, let's get it started."

"Body Party"

Appealing Things

Andrew moving in
Sunday of Labor Day weekend out with our whole group of friends
Ana Paula
Forest Swords' Engravings
The randomness of SoundCloud
Kyson Dummy Mix 180
Su's Chinese

Annoying Things

Drunks on a dancefloor
Rock operas and concept records
Papa John's pizza
Work limbo
People who are only nice to you to get to other people through you

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