Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Top 50 Songs of 2015 (Numbers 40-31)

And my list continues:

40. Chairlift - "Ch-Ching"

Completely infectious.

39. Mew - "Water Slides"

This song from Mew is simply full of delicious hooks.

38. Foals - "Lonely Hunter"

The mournful guitar lines seal the deal for this evocative track from Foals.

37. Bosco - "ROSENWOOD/Pour the Whiskey"

If FKA twigs fronted Massive Attack, you would have Bosco. Stunning track.

36. La Mar - "Trick of the Light"

Sydney duo La Mar create a world of clubs closing, emptying their denizens back into the world, stumbling back into the light of day.

35. Eves the Behavior - "Electrical"

Another Aussie, Eves the Behavior released several killer singles this year, "Electrical," for me, stood out the most, mainly because of its skyscraping chorus.

34. Shura - "2Shy"

This song feels like it could easily be slipped into the movie Sixteen Candles and would not feel out of place.

33. Beach House - "She's So Lovely"

I got into a bit of an argument with a friend about Beach House. He said he didn't see any similarity between their records and that each was distinct and unique. I argued that they all sounded similar with subtle shades and variations. I didn't mean my assessment to be derogatory. I have always claimed that listening to a Beach House record is like looking at a sculpture from every angle. It's the same piece, but you gain different perspectives from each vantage point. With that said, "She's So Lovely" is classic dream pop from Beach House and, while it draws from the same raw material, it doesn't mean it isn't stunning.

32. Arca - "Front Load"

Simultaneously disturbing and gorgeous, Arca's "Front Load" is a perfect encapsulation of his production aesthetic, and why he is one of the most exciting producers out there today.

31. Melanie Martinez - "Soap"

One of my favorite pop songs of the year, with a killer bass drop.

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