Monday, December 3, 2018

2018 Favorite Songs (50-41)

It's that time of year again! I will be sharing my list of my favorite songs of 2018 this week, followed by my list of top albums next week. So let's jump right to it, with numbers 50-41:

50. Bearcubs - "Landslide"

Haunting, James Blake-esque track from Bearcubs that revels in a sort of electronic underwater murkiness, but keeping the emotions crystal clear.

49. cupcakKe - "Duck Duck Goose" (NSFW)"

Gloriously filthy rap from the inimitable cupcaKKe.

48. Janelle Monae ft. Grimes - "Pynk"

Feminist anthem from the always evocative Janelle Monae.

47. Let's Eat Grandma - "Hot Pink"

Produced by experimental producer SOPHIE, duo Let's Eat Grandma throw down this slamming track with clattering percussion, buzz saw synths, and moments of extreme beauty.

46. DRAMA - "Fuck Dave"

Although the title of this song makes it sound like this will be a raucous, punk jam, it is actually a somber, Sade-esque exploration of a doomed relationship.

45. Death Cab for Cutie - "Northern Lights"

Death Cab for Cutie go for a "Just Like Heaven" Cure vibe on this driving track that shows the band still has it in them to beguile with their charms.

44. Now Now - "Window"

Swooning synths propel this achingly heartfelt ballad.

43. MGMT - "When You Die"

Goofy, folky synth rock track from MGMT which finds them finally going back to making fun, catchy as hell songs.

42. Johnny Marr - "Hi Hello"

Gorgeous track that borrows from Marr's classic guitar lines in "There is a Light and it Never Goes Out."

41. Matt Lange - "Bleed Together"

Producer Matt Lange evokes a Black Celebration-era Depeche Mode vibe on this moody number.

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