Tuesday, December 12, 2017

2017 Favorite Songs (Numbers 80 - 61)

Continuing my list, here are Numbers 80 through 61:

80. Wy - "Bathrooms"

Cavernous production that would feel right at home on the 4AD during their 80s heydays makes this beautiful song memorable.

79. Beach Fossils "Sugar"

Dreamy alt-rock from Beach Fossils.

78. Carly Rae Jepson - "Cut to the Feeling"

Super catchy, and difficult to ignore.

77. Rita Ora - "Your Song"

Just a lovely, euphoric song about falling in love.

76. RAC ft. Rostam - "This Song"

Bittersweet track about hearing a shared song after a breakup, and how something seemingly so innocent can make one go through so many emotions.

75. Zara Larsson - "Funeral"

Under any other singer, this would likely be a decent EDM-leaning pop song. Zara Larsson, however, has some serious pipes and takes this to another level.

74. Ride - "Lannoy Point"

Along with Slowdive, Ride reunited and it seemed like the late 80s, early 90s for me all over again. While Ride's latest album was the killer reunion that Slowdive's was, this single from it was a pretty great reminder that they are pretty powerful band.

73. Liars - "No Tree No Branch"

Quirky art-pop track from Liars that sounds like Beck on acid.

72. Sleigh Bells - "Rainmaker"

Moving from their usual onslaught of jet engine guitars to a more synth reliant base, Sleigh Bells still know how to wrench as much drama out of their songs as we are used to getting.

71. Yaeji - "Raingurl"

"Mother Russia in my cup/make it raingurl make it rain."

70. Cassie ft. G-Easy - "Love a Loser"

Lovely R&B ballad from Cassie. Her dreamy vocals float effortlessly over atmospheric beats and pillows of keys and synths.

69. Clams Casino - "Time"

More expertly crafted instrumental beats from the master.

68. LCD Soundsystem - "Tonite"

Only LCD Soundsystem could make a song about mortality a booty shaking romp.

67. Maya Jane Coles - "Weak"

Seductive deep house.

66. Bjork - "Tabula Rasa"

Even though her voice is not as powerful as it once was, Bjork still finds ways to move me. She is beautifully ascending into her role as Earth Mother Goddess.

65. Everything Everything - "Can't Do"

Swirling dance-rock track from one of my favorite albums of the year.

64. Arca - "Desafío"

Deeply emotional work from the brilliant Venezuelan producer.

63. Cut Copy - "Airborne"

This song is quirky, lovely, weird, fun, and ultimately makes me want to dance with abandon.

62. Future Islands -"Cave"

Achingly sad synth washes and a killer rhythm section create a beautiful world for Sam Herring's emotional vocal turn.

61. HEALTH - "Blue Monday"

They pay lovely homage to the New Order classic, while also bending it to their own, twisted devices. It makes one immediately forget that wretched cover from Orgy.

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