Monday, December 5, 2016

2016 Favorite Songs (Numbers 50-41)

Once again, it is that time for end of the year lists. It was a really good year for music, which made it even more difficult to come up with my choices. This week I will be counting down to my favorite song of the year. Here are my selections for 2016, starting with numbers 50-41:

50. Blaqk Audio - "First to Love"

Since Depeche Mode still refuses to up the BPMs on their songs, we have to get our dance floor slammers from Blaqk Audio.

49. M83 - "Solitude"

Though the album Junk pretty much lives up to its title, this track is a gorgeous, cinematic stunner.

48. Underworld - "Low Burn"

Love the build up on this track; it's a great driving song.

47. Pantha du Prince - "Frau Im Mond, Sterne Laufen"

The only way to describe this song is techno lullaby.

46. FFX - "Little Boy"

Thumpingly good bass track from German duo FFX.

45. Deftones - "Prayers/Triangles"

Another amazing single from Deftones that perfectly meshes the atmospheric with the pummeling.

44. Braille Face - "Backwards/Medicated"

Haunting bedroom pop track from Braille Face.

43. David Bowie - "Lazarus"

David Bowie left this earth a better place with his music. His final album was truly brilliant, and this lead single was quite magical; a fitting rumination on aging and death.

42. Rihanna ft. SZA - "Consideration"

Sometimes simple is best. Over a skeleton beat and minimal musical backing, Rihanna and SZA's verses flow and intertwine with one another.

41. Clams Casino ft. Kelela - "A Breath Away"

Gorgeous future R&B from Clams Casino, featuring the emotive vocals of Kelela.

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