Thursday, December 8, 2016

2016 Favorite Songs (Numbers 20-11)

Getting closer to the top:

20. Frank Ocean - "Nights"

I am not a huge fan of his album Blond, and I think I must be one of the few that was immune to it. With that said, this song was what I wanted the album to be, emotionally grounded and yet experimental. This track can be listened to here on Spotify.

19. A Tribe Called Quest - "We the People..."

So glad these guys are back. And this song speaks to the times we live in.

18. Ariana Grande - "Thinking About You"

I went with this song because it showcases her amazing vocal range and, also, it is a fucking killer ballad.

17. Beacon - "Escapements"

Icy synth pop that still has a human heart beating underneath.

16. Totemo - "Prime"

Totemo has a way of making her songs feel like inhabitable dwellings. You feel the creak of floors, the shutting of doors. This song feels like a journey from dark corners into the light of day.

15. Róisín Murphy - "Thoughts Wasted"

Amazingly quirky pop song from the incomparable Ms. Murphy. The spoken word interlude is devastating.

14. The Weeknd - "Secrets"

This track can be listened to here on Spotify.

One of the best pop tracks of the year. I love how he keeps his voice in a lower register. And the sample of Tears for Fears' "Pale Shelter" is killer.

13. Local Natives - "Fountain of Youth"

This song gives me goosebumps every time.

12. Warpaint - "New Song"

"Because of you/I am where I belong."

11. Alicia Keys - "In Common"

Alicia Keys definitely makes a dysfunctional relationship sound sexy.

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