Wednesday, December 14, 2016

2016 Favorite Albums (Numbers 30-21)

Halfway there:


Broods - Conscious

The Aussie duo Broods builds from their debut and crafts a hook-ridden collection of melodic synth pop.


The Avalanches - Wildflower

First things first, Wildflower is not Since I Left You. That it comes anywhere close to that masterpiece is itself a miracle. No one out there does sample based dance music quite like The Avalanches, and Wildflower, though 16 years in the making, doesn't disappoint at all. We just hope it is not another 16 before we hear from them again.


Rihanna - Anti

Anti is the first Rihanna album that doesn't sound like it was made in a vacuum. Most of her records are three or four killer singles surrounded by aimless filler while this is 13 songs that Rihanna wanted to record and fits her personality. She doesn't have to care what anyone thinks, and it shows. These tracks are loose and free, and perfectly Rihanna.


AlunaGeorge - I Remember

Perfect mix of club bangers, future R&B, and deep house tracks.


Boxed In - Melt

Boxed In's second record Melt was my go-to dance record this year. It always gets me moving.


Psychic Twin - Strange Diary

For a breakup album, Strange Diary is wonderfully warm, basking in the glow of its 80s synth pop sheen.


White Lung - Paradise

Blistering guitars take the driver's seat in this fascinating hardcore record. Less ragged than their previous records, White Lung's Paradise is sleeker, but that doesn't eclipse the fury that lurks beneath it.


Drake - Views

Full admission, even I think this album is a total mess; but what a fascinating mess. Tracks like "Controlla," "Hotline Bling," and the ever present "One Dance," keep this album from going completely off the rails.


Róisín Murphy - Take Her Up to Monto

Avant garde pop songstress Róisín Murphy continues her string of lovely oddities with this collection of striking tracks; her wit and grace intact.

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