Monday, October 19, 2015


My Chipotle addiction is getting way out of control.

I am so glad I had a nice weekend without even the most faint glimmer of having to work.

Slowly and surely I am starting to figure out how to get around this city.

I had some serious fear of missing out two weekends ago, seeing all my friends post from Atlanta Pride.

Thankfully all my meetings got cancelled this week.

I stepped on something in our kitchen the other night and didn't think much about it until I looked down a few minutes later and my foot was covered in blood. Must have stepped on something pretty sharp.

I've been very disappointed with the new Beach House record Depression Cherry. They have announced the release of a new album called Thank Your Lucky Stars that was recorded alongside Depression Cherry, and it is a completely different experience. The songwriting is much better and the melodies are killer.

My days this week have been screwy; Tuesday felt like Wednesday, Wednesday felt like Monday.

This has been a very surreal couple of work weeks.

Apparently, there are a lot of hot gay men in Sacramento.

I bought two suits before coming out to San Francisco. I should have waited. Because we walk so much here, I have lost a little weight, and now my pants are too big.

The address for the Georgia Department of Revenue, Motor Vehicle Division, is on Welcome All Road.

After watching the Democratic debate, I was struck by how civil the discussion was, focusing on the issues and facts, with rarely any personal attacks. I feel Bernie Sanders has some interesting ideas but lacks any real concrete way to get those goals accomplished. Hilary, on the other hand, while not bold in her ideas, she at least has the experience to get those goals realized. I am not by any means decided on who I am voting for, but at least with these candidates, we see a lot more consensus than in the Republican party.

Although I don't really think Martin O'Malley has the right ooomph to be President, damn he is a good looking man.

I'm ready for the heat to leave San Francisco.

I love when someone decides not to use me on a project because they "can do it cheaper and faster," and then they fuck it up so bad that I have to come in and do it correctly. You get what you pay for.

Always interesting when your experience and background fit perfectly for a position and you get a generic rejection letter stating that you are "not a match for the position."

There are some relationships here that I need a flow chart to figure out.

I rode on the F line for the first time this week. It is the old time streetcars. They are surprisingly nice and roomy.

Why is there any debate over reasonable gun control laws?

The new Neon Indian record is a lot of fun.

I'm not sure I want to visit any place wherein I may fall into a pit of rattlesnakes.

You should not feel anxious at your place of work.

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