Thursday, August 15, 2013

Jam of the Day: Braids - "Amends"

Braids' second album Flourish//Perish has an abundance of riches on it, to the point where it is almost impossible for me to say one track is my favorite. Each track on the record works with the others to create a harmonious whole, and my preference for a song can change with the time of day, change of weather, or flicker of mood. "Amends" ultimately, for me, stands out, as it encompasses the feeling I have for the record most succinctly. I liken the record to Bjork (in her Vespertine days) taking the backing tracks from Radiohead's Kid-A and coming up with her own unique masterpiece. This is a quiet, contemplative song that builds over the course of its 6 minutes into a breathtaking glitched out synth masterpiece.

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