Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Non Sequiturs

Started my new position as a staff attorney with Kilpatrick Stockton last week. It is going very well so far. I like the people, and it seems like there is enough work to keep me nice and busy. One question that keeps getting posed to me from other friends and colleagues is whether I have any problem taking the step down to staff attorney from an associate. There are pluses and minuses to both positions, however, when it comes down to it, the staff attorney position is definitely the better route for me. Some of the differences between the two:

* Money: yes an associate of my year level makes more than double what I am making as a staff attorney.

* Stress/pressure: while the associate makes way more than me, their stress level is way higher than mine. I have a lower billable hour requirement and I do not have the pressure to bring in clients and do all the marketing they have to do in order to remain in the pecking order for partner track. And I don't really feel like I have to put in face time at all. I am given my assignments, I work on them, and I go home for the day.

* Offices: ok, the associates have the nice offices with windows and nice furniture and laptops, etc, etc, while I have an interior office with island of misfit furniture and a computer that I think is from 2005. But hey, I do have an office and not a cubicle.

* Work: we basically work on the same projects, however, an associate is expected to take charge and prove their worth as they put in their years to make partner. I get to have the same level of work, but almost get to silently go about my way without the need to impress anyone. Don't misunderstand me, I do the best job I can, I just don't have to crow about it. As long as the partner I am working with appreciates my work, that is all that matters.

* Support: associates do get a secretary and more support from the staff than I do, but honestly, when I had a secretary as an associate I rarely if ever used them. I can do my own typing and really only needed them to do things like call facilities if a lightbulb was out.

I think I made the right decision stepping out of the rat race and into a more support role at a law firm. There will be stresses like in any job, but the level of the stress is so my less than as an associate. I am looking forward to seeing how this job progresses.

Lyrics Rattling Around My Head

"Then I'm radio and then I'm television
I'm afraid of everyone, I'm afraid of everyone
Lay the young blue bodies, with the old red violets
I'm afraid of everyone, I'm afraid of everyone
With my kid on my shoulders I try
Not to hurt anybody I like
But I don't have the drugs to sort,
I don't have the drugs to sort it out, sort it out"

The National
"Afraid of Everyone"

"As we fall into sequence
and we're eating our young
remain silent and still for modesty
When the splints have been broken
and they can't help you now
do you pray with your eyes closed naturally

Follow me into nowhere
Woven with the utmost care"

Crystal Castles

"Wait for the day you come home from the lonely park
Look for the girl who has put up with all of your shit
You've never needed anyone for so long

You look in the bed; you've been gone for too long
To put in the time, but it's too late to make it strong

And all I want is your pity
Oh all I want are your bitter tears
Yeah, all I want is your pity
At least all I want are your bitter tears"

LCD Soundsystem
"All I Want"

Appealing Things

Getting a full time/permanent job.
Nico surviving the snake bite
My Terris
Alexander McQueen Pumas
The National
Crystal Castles
Pool weather

Annoying Things

It taking 2 years for me to get a full time/permanent job
Fruit flies in my office
Starbucks in England
Getting a letter from the IRS saying I owe $400 from two years ago!
Flying coach to Europe

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