Friday, February 27, 2015

Jam of the Day: Algiers - "Blood"

Atlanta via London and New York trio put forth some intense gospel-tinged drama in this intense track.

Videos of the Week

Longest week ever! Let's at least go out with a grouping of great videos:

Futuristic clip for this collaboration between Madeon and Passion Pit.

Fun clip from TCTS and Aniff Akinola.

Hyper-surreal video from Body Language.

Gorgeous track from Kaki King is paired up with some lovely, artistic musings.

Intense track from Georgia band Algiers.

Art-pop track from Dutch Uncles get a puppet-lead video.

Trippy clip from WIN WIN.

Beautiful video from Django Django.

Thursday, February 26, 2015




Bear Daddy.

Beautiful belly.

Drop the towel please.



Furry chest.

Salt and pepper Daddy.








Love the shock of white fur.

Tatts and beard.






Cute otter.



Hot belly.

Completely adorable.

I hate to admit that I will never have the body I want because I am too lazy to put in that kind of work.

Based on my interactions with them on different apps, I am beginning to think that most 18-25 years old have absolutely no manners or social skills.

When did Britney Spears start looking like a 40-something soccer mom?

If your screen name is Redneck Crazy, I don't think we are going to have much in common.

I don't understand the point of buying a house in Palm Springs without a pool.


Yes, I am planner.

I'm also a worrier.

I would be completely happy being 3" taller.

If I haven't responded to you by your 5th message, I can assure you I will not respond to you on your 6th.

People can be so exhausting sometimes.

How do people not understand or approve of the concept of separation of church and state?


Sunday's Oscar telecast was the first time I honestly didn't care about them. I was in bed at 10.

I do approve of Birdman winning the Best Picture. I thought the movie was brilliant. Andrew, not so much.

Someone telling you San Francisco is expensive is like someone telling you that water gets you wet.

I don't have time for people who only act like your friend so that they have a place to stay when they come into town.

I could never live in one of the Painted Ladies or live on Lombard Street in San Francisco. I wouldn't want to have to deal with the constant stream of tourists.

Waiting for the Amen Break.

The movie Whiplash was so damn intense.

Each listen to Bjork's Vulnicura brings out something new and different; such a stunning achievement.

I am always so jealous with others' way with words. Everything I write seems belabored and forced.

When we don't have a common language, there is only so much for us to say to one another.

They closed our office yesterday at noon because of the possibility of snow. The temperature was well above freezing until late that night, so I am not quite sure what the panic was about.

Why does the world seem to be embracing a new Dark Ages?

Your cute for the day.

Lyrics Rattling Around My Brain

"She lost her voice down by the river
screaming for courage to take oceans under
she read your mind and called it a terror
misplacing her sleep to keep the world nearer

Don't forget the way she pushed the water inside
wading through the spirits like a flood on the floor
don't forget

I'll miss keeping you
I hope you're sleeping too
I hope you're home

She took your face and called it her choir
knitting lace out of lashes powdered with ashes
she took your hands and told you to wonder
how you'd fit in the land if the waves held you under

I'll take you out and up and light
I'll bury you good and straight and right
if you ask in that soft voice
don't forget."

Purity Ring
"Flood on the Floor"

"Ancient holy wars
Dead religions, holocausts
New regimes, old ideas
That's now myth, that's now real
Original sin, genetic fate
Revolutions, spinning plates
It's important to stay informed
The commentary to comment on

Oh, and no one ever really knows you and life is brief
So I've heard, but what's that gotta do with this black hole in me?

Age-old gender roles
Infotainment, capital
Golden bows and mercury
Bohemian nightmare, dust bowl chic
This documentary's lost on me
Satirical news, free energy
Mobile lifestyle, loveless sex
Independence, happiness

Oh, and no one ever knows the real you and life is brief
So I've heard, but what's that gotta do with this atom bomb in me?

Coliseum families
The golden era of TV
Eunuch sluts, consumer slaves
A rose by any other name
Carbon footprint, instant streams
Fuck the mother in the green
Planet cancer, sweet revenge
Isolation, online friends

Oh, and love is just an institution based on human frailty
What's your paradise gotta do with Adam and Eve?
Maybe love is just an economy based on resource scarcity
What I fail to see is what that's gotta do with you and me."

Father John Misty
"Holy Shit"

Appealing Things

Atlantans freaking out about the weather
Working from home
Having a very supportive boss

Annoying Things

Stressing out for no reason
Murphy's Law

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Friday, February 20, 2015

20th Anniversary: Tricky - Maxinquaye

Hard to believe Tricky's stunningly masterful debut album Maxinquaye is now twenty years old. Menacing, dark, sensual, and foreboding, it still sounds as brilliant now as it did then.

Jam of the Day: SOAK - "Sea Creatures"

Quirky and cute pop song from 18 year old Irish singer SOAK (nee Bridie Monds-Watson). Expect big things from her.