Friday, April 18, 2014

Jam of the Day: Hercules and Love Affair ft. John Grant - "Liberty"

From their brilliant new record The Feast of the Broken Heart, Hercules and Love Affair throw down this slinky, thumping house track with the assistance of John Grant on vocals. As my friend Jon would say, the record is the tits, as is this amazing song.

Videos of the Week

Easter weekend y'all! Here are some videos that Jesus approves:

Michael Jackson referencing video from Sky Ferreira.

Tattoo legend Mike Giant marks up a white room with Pharrell lyrics in this clip for Major Lazer.

The Horrors frontman wanders through a desert town in this slick clip.

Shimmering track from Yuck gets a gorgeously minimal clip.

Glitchy video fits this woozy track from SZA like a glove.

Amusing clip from Norwegian producer Todd Terje.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Jam of the Day: Zeds Dead - "Hadoukan"

Harder hitting sound for the duo Zeds Dead. The second drop at the 2:34 mark is sick.


Ginger chest.

Fur and eyes.

Love that chest.




I would love to play in all that fur.

Damn that smile.


Amazing chest.

Hey daddy.

Nice view.

Touch of silver.


So cute.

Love his look.

Woof and Grrr and stuff.

So hot.

Hey daddy, again.

Such a cutie.

Damn that's a hot beard.


So. Damn. Hot.

Ginger hotness.


Leather hotness.

Love his build.


Hey daddy.

Damn, that's some fur.


Love that smile.



There is nothing sexier than thick black fur.

Well, maybe a hot set of abs.

Nah, definitely the black fur.

I am mesmerized by his nipples.

That's a hot man.

Sexy daddy.


Yes, please, and thank you.

Esben and the Witch are recording their third album with producer Steve Albini. Hmmmm, that is an interesting choice.

House of Cards just keeps getting better and better.

Arya on Game of Thrones is a badass.

Love this.

There is never a good reason to wear denim shorts.

We saw 300: Rise of an Empire the other night with some friends. It's not my usual type of movie to see. I can't say it was a good movie, however, I will say, I would have loved to be the casting director. Damn.

The US Postal Service's package tracking system pretty much sucks balls.

I think Pet Shop Boys' set at Coachella was likely the first time a Sondheim song was played there.

Tasteless, yes.  Funny as hell, yes.

Bubba Watson, who won the Masters tournament last weekend, can go kiss my furry gay ass. I sure hope that Masters jacket isn't woven from two different materials.

For people I don't know, I treat them like they are psychotic serial killers until proven otherwise.

The song that made me a huge music fan and started my road towards more alternative music was seeing the video for Depeche Mode's song "Get The Balance Right." I've never had a broken bone. While Treasure is my favorite Cocteau Twins record (aside from the compilation The Pink Opaque), I have a soft spot for Four Calendar Cafe. The song "Summerhead" is probably one of my favorite songs of theirs.

Good boy.

I am not a fan of long hair on men, however, Jared Leto sure has some sweet locks.

I don't understand people who get plastic surgery to look like a celebrity or someone famous or infamous. Honestly, I really don't understand plastic surgery in general.

I'll worry about the status of my relationship, thank you. Your opinion about it doesn't matter to me.

If you are a self-proclaimed "helpless romantic," why are you on Scruff? And better yet, why are you complaining about people only wanting to hook up on Scruff?

Once I find you creepy, you will always be creepy to me.

With new pressures at work and other things taking away time from me writing the blog, I am sort of revamping what this blog is. Nothing drastic, mind you, but just something that gives it a little more meaning when I am not able to put out music reviews as often as I am able.

Who knew it would take Hercules and Love Affair to make me like John Grant.

The season premiere of Mad Men had to be one of the most depressing hours of television I have seen in awhile. Almost every character was at their lowest point. I am hoping for some redemption for these characters by the end of the series.

I can't stand weak coffee. I want my coffee so dark and intense it comes with its own horror movie soundtrack.

Your cute for the day.

Appealing Things

Venti Iced Caramel Latte
Hercules And Love Affair's new record
Warm weather
Quiet weekends

 Annoying Things

QC-ing work from stupid people
The wind tunnel effect at Colony Square
Going to the dentist

Video: The Horrors - "So Now You Know"

The Horrors' frontman Faris Badwan wanders a desert town while various people perform interpretive dance in this clip from their upcoming record Luminous.