Thursday, December 14, 2017

2017 Favorite Songs (Numbers 40-21)

My countdown continues:

40. Drake - "Passionfruit"

Drake at his most relaxed. Pure pop perfection. You can listen to the track here.

39. Phoenix - "Ti Amo"

Driving beats, chugging guitars, and a roaringly good chorus make this one of the best alt-dance tracks of the year.

38. Flume ft. Kučka - "Hyperreal"

Experimental techno masquerading as an EDM-pop hit.

37. Slum Sociable - "Don't Come Back Another 100 Times"

Dense, lush production work highlight this down-tempo track from the Melbourne duo.

36. Vessels ft. Lowly - "I Believe It Now"

Euphoric synthpop. Makes me want to roll down the car windows and blare it from my speakers.

35. Bearcubs - "Underwaterfall"

Clearly drawing from James Blake, Bearcubs puts his own spin on it, creating a palpable, liquid world.

34. Robert Robert ft. Anna Majidson - "Misunderstood"

Intoxicating club track that builds up into a fury of swirling synths.

33. Cloud - "Foliage"

Hauntingly atmospheric electronica from Cloud. Her unique vocal phrasing gives this track a ghostly hue.

32. Blue Hawaii - "Versus Game"

Bright and sunny Balearic-tinged dance track that makes you want to watch the sun rise at a beach rave.

31. Cherry Glazerr - "Lucid Dreams"

I was captivated by this song, which is like the perfect marriage between Blonde Redhead's damaged art-rock and Lush's dream pop.

30. Fever Ray - "To the Moon and Back"

Always captivating, always weird, and always well ahead of the curve, Fever Ray came back to life with this infectious track.

29. Julien Baker - "Turn Out the Lights"

Powerful song that starts out feeling defeatist but turns the tables to become an anthem for trusting yourself.

28. Wild Beasts - "Punk Drunk & Trembling"

Sad to say this is the last song from Wild Beasts, as they recently broke up. But thankfully they left on a high note with this beautiful, synth driven track, and one of Hayden Thorpe's most impassioned vocals.

27. Jax Jones ft. Demi Lovato & Stefflon Don - "Instruction"

This is just a fun track that always makes me smile.

26. Slowdive - "Sugar for the Pill"

A sea of heavenly guitars and lush synths engulfs you in this melancholy ballad.

25. The Killers - "Some Kind of Love"

A subtle sample of Brian Eno's ambient work "An Ending (Ascent)" endears one to this beautifully done song.

24. HEALTH - "Euphoria"

Pretty much the title says it all.

23. Lorde - "Supercut"

Hindsight is 20/20 as they say. Who hasn't looked back at a former relationship and wondered if you had the chance would you have done things differently?

22. Kelela - "Frontline'

Commanding track from one of this year's R&B female powerhouses. You can listen to it here.

21. Fischerspooner ft. Caroline Polachek - "Togetherness"

The most sensual pop song of the year; it will definitely make your temperature rise.

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