Monday, December 11, 2017

2017 Favorite Songs (Numbers 100-81)

It's that time of year for my best of lists. This week I will count down my favorite songs of 2017, with my Top 20 revealed on Friday (on Friday I will post a link to Spotify with a full playlist of these songs). I made a slight change this year, and allowed for multiple songs from the same artist. Without further ado, below are Numbers 100-81.

100. Major Lazer ft. Travis Scott, Camila Cabello & Quavo - "Know No Better"

The one song this year that always guaranteed a smile on my face, and made me shake my rump, regardless of location.

99. Marian Hill - "Down"

Ubiquitous, due to its use in an Apple commercial, "Down" is one of those tracks that immediately hits you. Simple piano chords, skittering drum programming, and chopped up vocal samples propel this song to instant ear worm status.

98. Mount Kimbie ft. King Krule - "Blue Train Lines"

Mount Kimbie move as far away from their post-dubstep roots with this killer post-punk track. Over a propulsive drum track, singer King Krule spits the lyrics out like venom.

97. Jacob Bellens - "Untouchable"

Jacob Bellon's booming voice commands this haunting, evocative ballad.

96. The War on Drugs - "Strangest Thing"

I was never a big fan of The War On Drugs until this latest record, and this perfect, stadium-ready single. It builds slowly and surely, with skyscraping synth washes over crystalline guitars.

95. Hundred Waters - "Fingers"

Although Hundred Waters appears to be moving into a more pop-friendly sound, this song still retains that atmospheric elegance that characterizes their best work.

94. Little Dragon - "Strobe Light"

Seductive dance track from Little Dragon. I was always pulled in by the sexy bass line and swirling synths.

93. Olivia O'Brien - "No Love"

While this is the usual LA is fake and it's difficult to find love song, Olivia's impassioned vocals and the haunting piano line elevate it something special.

92. Gorillaz ft. DRAM - "Andromeda"

Irresistible and ebullient ode to an Colchester club in the 80s that played soul music. In these crazy times, songs like this remind me of how important dance clubs are as places of community and fellowship, where you can forget your troubles and get sweaty to some killer beats.

91. Quicksand - "Cosmonauts"

Post-hardcore legends Quicksand came back this year after a 22-year hiatus. New album Interiors might not quite roar out of the gates like its predecessors, however, with songs like "Cosmonauts" the focus on atmosphere and mood more than make up for it.

90. Rat & Co. - "Soldiers"

Trip-hop leaning anti-war track that makes you think while its sinister grooves wrap around you.

89. The Drums - "Shoot the Sun Down"

When The Drums are firing on all cylinders they are truly magical. This track is no exception, riding its glorious surfer rock wave to pop perfection.

88. Matthew Dear - "Modafinil Blues"

Matthew Dear puts his own David Bowie-esque vocal touch on this dark, mid-tempo ballad.

87. Burial - "Rodent"

Probably the most subversive aspect of this track is how unsubversive it is. And it has a killer beat you can dance to.

86. Smerz - "No Harm"

Dark, off-kilter beats anchor this slithering, electronic R&B leaning track from the Norwegian duo.

85. Sampha - "Under"

Sampha effortlessly moves between traditional R&B and electronica. This song squarely falls in the latter camp, with its dense production always threatening to go haywire, but staying firmly on task. You can listen to the track here.

84. Elohim - "Skinny Legs"

I love this song because it is just weird. And when I play it for people, they always want to know who it is.

83. Porcelain Raft - "Rising"

This song is simply sublime beauty.

82. Bleachers - "Don't Take the Money"

When Jack Antonoff gets it right, he gets it right. Perfect pop song here.

81. Charli XCX - "Roll With Me"

I love the buzzy maximalism of this track from Charli XCX.

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