Sunday, November 5, 2017

Jam of the Day: Clock Opera - "In Memory (Under the Floorboards Version)"

From their new EP You've Got What I Need comes this stripped down version of "In Memory" from their second record Venn. This song has haunted me all year. All relationships are difficult because you have two people on two paths trying to remain on the same one. People always change, and the challenge is adapting to those changes. Sometimes the changes are just too great and things fall apart. "In Memory" chronicles the moment when you have to ask the tough questions.

"Do you want me as I am???
Do you want me as I was
Do I still do things that made you fall in love
Oh cause I won't ever change
I'll never change
I won't ever change
I will never change
I won't ever change
If I never change for you."

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