Tuesday, December 6, 2016

2016 Favorite Songs (Numbers 40-31)

Continuing the countdown to my favorite song of the year:

40. Gojira - "Low Lands"

This slow burner from Gojira shows them in full mastery of their craft.

39. Nerve Leak - "DR34M5"

Atmospheric track that lingers long in the brain.

38. Tegan and Sara - "U-Turn"

There were almost too many songs I would have put on here from their album Love You to Death, but this one always got a smile on my face and my booty shaking.

37. EZA - "Eyes for You"

The ache in her voice gets me every time.

36. Usher - "Make U A Believer"

I love all the different textures and layers going on in this track.

35. Boxed In - "Up to You/Down to Me"

There is just something warm and inviting about a Boxed In track, and this one is no exception.

34. Psychic Twin - "Chase You"

I am always fascinated by contrasts. Psychic Twin's evocative and aching vocals mixed with the churn and grind of electronics is particularly striking.

33. Wild Beasts - "Alpha Female"

Wild Beasts amp up the synths and sleaze in this banger.

32. Blood Orange ft. Empress Of - "Best to You"

Their voices complement each other perfectly. I would love for them to do more work together.

31. How to Dress Well - "Lost Youth/Lost You"

I just love the lyrics to this song: "I say I think I know what love is now/I think I kinda figured it out/But then the second that I open my mouth/Gonna change my heart again."

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