Friday, October 10, 2014

Videos of the Week

This is Pride weekend here in Atlanta. Lots of good friends are in town from elsewhere and it should be a fun weekend. It was such a long week to get to this point, and here are the videos that kept me occupied:

Sometimes the simplest videos are the best. The clip for this outstanding track from Kindness' second record Otherness finds the lanky Adam Bainbridge with dancer Karla Garcia in front of a large LCD screen. His awkward, yet endearing dancing next to her professional moves is intoxicating.

This video for Canadian producer Ryan Hemsworth's new track with singer Dawn Golden, finds the producer shaving his head and wandering around Nepal.

Corbu uses one long, aerial tracking shot over a city using it as a light show.

Almost all white clip from Ballet School gets slight splashes of color.

Dark and unsettling clip from Son Lux.

San Francisco pop rockers The Tropics do a shot for shot remake of Mark Mark and the Funky Bunch's video for "Good Vibrations."

Video shows Mary J. Blige working in the studio with Disclosure.

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