Friday, May 31, 2013

Jam of the Day: Katy B - "What Love Is Made Of"

Love this rave-pop track from Katy B. No words on when her second record is coming out but it should be within the year.

Videos of the Week

For a short work week this sure felt like a long one. Let's jet into the weekend with these amazing videos:

This slamming club track gets a video that will make you testify.

This slithery Suede track gets a museum destroying video.

Slick rave-pop track from Katy B gets an equally slick video in the Fast & Furious vein.

Ridiculous track from Major Lazer gets a ridiculous/awesome video (NSFW).

Grainy, in-studio video from Glass Candy.

Baddass live clip from Prince.


He's just a little bit perfect.

Yeah, I would be transfixed too.

Nice chest.

Love the salty chest.


Bow down before the one you serve.

Nice furry belly.



Papa Bear!

Silver Daddy.

Sexy profile.

I need to unzip that.


Double drool.

Beautiful belly.



Damn those abs.




Nice and fuzzy.

I cannot explain how sexy that stomach is.


Delicious fur.

Sexy grin.

Cleans up nice.

Cub belly.

Hipster bear with an MPC.  Grrrrr.



I'm done.



Double oink.



Why do short work weeks seem longer than regular work weeks?

I loved the last album from These New Puritans, however, their new one just grates on my nerves and I have no real idea why.

When is another truly great Sci-Fi movie going to come out?

I need these.

A friend had an interesting comment to me the other day, saying that he said in chatting with him I seemed very happy with my life and where I was, but that these posts seemed like I worried and fretted about a lot of things and came across as being unhappy. Looking back, I agree it's a valid point, but honestly, I don't think of me being down all the time. Honestly, with any social media I use, you are really only seeing about 10% of who/what I am. I really see this as being sort of mental dumping ground of just minor things and some major things. I do try to sort of balance things out, but I guess sometimes it leans more to the negative things. It is always interesting getting someone else's viewpoint of yourself. I guess I need to to a better job of how I portray myself on here.

It appears that everyone I know owns a Nasty Pig jock.

My gym (that I love) is upping its rates in July. It was already ridiculously expensive but I have been there for years and just like how it is. With that said, $3 more a month, which doesn't really seem like a lot, struck a nerve with me and I immediately put in my cancellation notice.

Paris is always a good idea.

Janet manages her time wisely.

I'm an enigma, wrapped in a riddle, drizzled in ranch dressing.

Weird thought: would you be attracted to you if you met you?

Midtown Atlanta is not Downtown Atlanta.

I'm not good at censoring myself.

Calvin & Hobbes as assassins.  I kind of like it.

It's nearing almost 13 years since The Avalanches released their phenomenal debut record Since I Left You, and still there are no signs of a follow-up. I guess, like DJ Shadow's album ...Entroducing, there is just no way to actually follow it up. It will only end up disappointing too many people.

I miss having Pride in Atlanta in June.

Somehow I don't think there are going to be a lot of Game of Thrones-themed weddings this year.

Never do leg workouts twice in one week.

Might need to check this place out.

Dear Tricky, you cannot claim your own album to be your masterpiece. While False Idols is a very good Tricky record, it is nowhere near the brilliance of Maxinquaye.

Favorite quote of the week: Rhinos are just fat unicorns.

I'm just not a convertible person.

It is a very very small world at times.

Someone told me the other day that I looked well preserved. Not sure how to take that statement.

Hi there!

If you have a problem with something I have written, or notice a mistake in spelling in grammar, it is less douchey to contact me personally than to show what an ass you are in a comment that is broadcast to everyone.

If you do not own a copy of Tricky's Maxinquaye you are doing yourself a huge disservice.

Someone recently told me a friend of theirs looked exactly like me and that we could be twins. I looked at pictures of the guy and, aside from the fact we have same eye color, I didn't see the similarity. Just made me think about how others perceive us and that is always going to be different from how we see ourselves. Nothing wrong with that, but always interesting to note that if someone is not attracted to you, or harbors some grievance with you, that their perception is colored by factors that we have no control over.

Just so you know, there is nothing "straight acting" about you if you sleep with men.

Great pic.

Two music genre names that I thought amusing: baroque techno and death folk.

Best band name this week: Master Musicians Of Bukkake.

Bear Week in Provincetown is in about 5 weeks and I can't wait. I will need an Excel spreadsheet to keep up with all that we are supposed to be doing.

 Your cute of the day.

Lyrics Rattling Around My Brain

"Waiting for
My words to catch like I'm trying
To strike a match that's soaking wet
See through skull
See through skin
Leave all the lights on
Can't see out, but they see in

Stare down my nose, watching
The color drain from my eyes
Cold cereal and TV
Before I go to sleep

Breathing out, hoping to breathe in
I know nothing's wrong, but I'm not convinced

No, I know, I know how far it's gone myself
Maybe I'll believe it from somebody else
No, I know, I know how far it's gone myself
Maybe I'll believe it from somebody else

Breathing out
Hoping to breathe in
I know nothing's wrong, but I'm not convinced
I can let it happen, just let it happen
Just don't think so much, don't think so much."

Local Natives

"We were in love for just a second
You leave me with all those questions
That lead me to no direction

Was it just me?
You're all that I'd ever wished
You decide what it is
And let my heart sink
You decide what it is
Left me no choice to speak

I didn't know that kiss meant good-bye
It's funny how things played out in your mind."

"If Only I Knew"

"I can help you run away for good
All for take what you had understood
All it takes is a little understanding
After all, don't question if I would

Confess to me, make me feel it
Confide in me, don't resent it
'Cause I can't stop you from the fire
I'll fulfill your desires for you

Confess to me, make me feel it
Confide in me, don't resent it
'Cause I can't stop you from the fire
I'll fulfill your desires for you

I'll fulfill your desires for you
I'll fulfill your desires for you

I can take the lo out of lonely
I can stop the sense of slowing down
Don't get lost in if you only tell me
I will help you slip and turn it round

Only not to worry
No time left for me
Only not to worry
No time left for me."

Disclosure ft. Jesse Ware
"Confess to Me"

Appealing Things

Chase & Status returning with new music
Oven roasted pork loin
NIN back on tour
Disclosure coming to Atlanta
Planning a Friday night out at the movies
Staying and making dinner
Showing Andrew Auntie Mame for the first time and him loving it

Annoying Things

Rain at a pool party
The new Chase & Status song, which is kind of lame
People who can't keep their big mouths' shut
Being sick when the weather is nice
$70 tickets for New Order

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Jam of the Day - Fyfe - "Conversations"

Hip hop inflected track from London singer Fyfe.


Damn that smile.

Love the chest and the goofy look.


Wake up baby.

Eyes have it.




Cut and ripped and shredded.

Buff tatts.

Sexy bitch.

Cough cough cough.

Papa muscle bear.


Love this pic.

Sexy daddies.


Damn that's a sexy gut.

Thinking about bear stuffs.


Gorgeous body.

Just gorgeous.


Beefy hairy bear.

Such lovely fur.


Holy shit, Boards of Canada are back!

People don't expect you to call them out on their shit, neither do they expect you to tell them the truth. Funny how they run from both.

Some men are right cunts.

I am the designer of my own catastrophe.

Music porn.  Drool.

If you have faith, you don't need to tell everyone about it. You only look circumspect when you do.

"The day I took off my mask I realized my face was missing." Jaap Scheeren

It is always so difficult to get back to work after a long weekend. I have absolutely no motivation.

Tolstoy once wrote that "The only absolute knowledge attainable by man is that life is meaningless." For me, I don't see this statement as a end point. It is a stepping off point. Life is all about choice and free will; you can make it what you will. Though I believe this is your one go around in life and that there is nothing at the end of it, I don't feel sadness or futility because of it, instead, I want to make the most of my time here, taking risks when I can and enjoying being with my friends.

Whoever named their child this is brilliant.

All this fuss over Amanda Bynes is hysterical and sad at the same time. Besides, who really cares what some B-level actress has to say about anything?

And all these fights between celebrities through social media outlets are so tacky anyway.

I hate, loathe, and despise public bathrooms.


Bear Week and Folsom can't get here soon enough.

I'm a bit of a contradiction; I'm an attorney who dislikes conflict.

Allegedly, one should be looking at which spout on the red pepper flakes one has opened before dispensing a metric ton of them into your chicken marinade.

Leftover bolognese sauce is like crack.

Sometimes you just have to let go.

I was shocked yesterday, there were actual people I knew in my Facebook "people you may know" suggestions.

This summer is getting very booked with fun guests and fun events.

Scotch never disappoints.

I switched my ring from one hand to the other and for some reason it feels like the ring is still on the other hand.

A friend of mine had no idea that prostatitis is called the priest's disease.

Your cute for the day.

Lyrics Rattling Around My Brain

"I guess I'm bad
Would like to go
Back to Rome where blonde is still fair
Let go of the anchor
Planning a birthday on the sun
Lord I must be dreaming

God's speech remains
My personal hell to pay
If this ever ends well
Teeth will grind this cage

Explode against the wall
Like a can of paint or wrecking ball
No one to break the fall
When all is full of love"

When Saints Go Machine
"System of Unlimited Love"

"My men can not get out of being pulled in to the earth
I've been done here, only time keeps me from the demi edge
My self can not get out of being pulled in to the earth
Well we do next to next to nothing, we have always been in this cage

Come kill me, I seem so alone."

"Earth Death"

"Its cold outside its winter time
You always smile but now you cry, when hearts die
Its raging on this foul disease
I'm on my knees i cant believe
It's all I know did something wrong its human kind we never mind
Until its there and then we're scared it never ends

Someday you'll understand the reason why you just cant be my man
No matter what you try be extra mile
Someday you'll smile
Someday you'll understand the reason why you just cant be my man
No matter what you try the extra mile
Someday you'll smile."

Float Fall

Appealing Things

The way Andrew walks
Mount Kimbie
Camp Merton
Staying in Atlanta for the holiday weekend
Baths' Obsidian
Labor Day plans secured with good buddies

Annoying Things

Clueless people
Lack of motivation
People who don't understand "what happens here stays here"
Out of focus profile pics