Friday, September 9, 2011

Videos of the Week

Short work week is almost over with and onward with another lovely weekend. Here are the videos this week that got me up and attem:

Hooray For Earth "Black Trees" (Feat. Zambri) Live @ RAD Studio from stereogum on Vimeo.

Live performance video of Hooray For Earth, doing the closing track from their latest album. I am thrilled to see them in Atlanta soon, opening for Cymbals Eat Guitars.

I love this catchy little track from Diamond Rings. And he always puts out fun videos for his singles. I can't wait to see him live tomorrow night opening for Twin Shadow.

Video from synth-poppers Miracle Fortress. Love how they shot the video to look like old home movies.

Youth Lagoon - Montana from Tyler T Williams on Vimeo.

Youth Lagoon, the bedroom-rock project of musician Trevor Powers, makes music that sounds far older than his 22 years. "Montana" is a epically building track that gets one of the best shot narrative videos I have seen in awhile. It fits the mood of the song so very well. I am really looking forward to his debut album.

While I think the debut album from SBTRKT has stronger parts than the whole, "Pharoahs" is a killer track, which now has a killer video.

Second video ever from Explosions From The Sky, and like the above video from Youth Lagoon, this is another sad, cathartic narrative, this one involving a furry red alien's search for acceptance.

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