Thursday, July 23, 2009

Videos of the Week

It has been an exhausting week at work. Finding 16 hours a day to work is no easy task. And somehow I found time to post several blog entries. I guess I do work better under pressure. Here are the latest videos that struck my attention this week:

Sally Shapiro is another Swedish pop delight. Apparently there is no one called Sally Shapiro and its just some producer and a fictitious persona. Oh well, no bother, considering there create some of the most delightful pop music out there. New single "Love in July" is another frothy piece of Ital-disco. Cute as a bug's ear video featuring a daredevil goldfish out to save a trapped whale.

Slowdive is one of my favorite bands of all time. Sadly, they only released three albums before splitting. This is a live performance of one of my favorite songs from their second album Souvlaki called "Allison." Beautiful song.

Classic trance from Orbital. Awesome dance song.

Gorgeous ambient track from Burial from his first cd. The song perfectly evokes the title.

My favorite song by Men at Work. Just a great melody and haunting chorus.

Miracle Legion was one of my favorite bands from college. The singer's wife recently passed away suddenly leaving him with two small children. The put together a beautiful tribute cd of Miracle Legion covers in order to help out with the bills. Here is a gorgeous song from their peak period.

Yes, Grizzly Bear again. Their album Veckatimest is still the best cd released this year. It is stunningly put together. Here is a typically brilliant live performance from Letterman for the song "Ready, Able."

I think I have posted this video before, but it is such a beautiful song and video that I am posting it again. Of course, it helps that I have recently fallen in love with the most amazing man. Makes the song very poignant to me.

Poor Adam Yauch was diagnosed with cancer and the Beastie Boys had to cancel their summer tour and push back the release of their latest cd. Here is a classic.

And the post is finished with a classic monologue from Buddy Cole. This one always cracks me up. His one book to take while stranded on a desert island: "All About Rhoda"!!

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